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Pets have been known to positively affect the lives of their owners, easing stress and put you in a confident mood. We hope our articles will help you live a happy, healthy life with your pet.
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Philadelphia Eagles Youth Partnership

Excercise is Medicine

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    This is no ordinary vendor. We have partnered with AREUFIT HEALTH SERVICES since 1997,contracting staff for both our Eagles Eye Mobile and Eagles Book Mobile programs.

    Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Executive Director
    Eagles Youth Partnership

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    Body Gemâ„¢
    The Body Gemâ„¢ is a device that can measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR), or number of calories your body needs to maintain basic body functions. Learn more...

    Bod Pod
    Body weight alone can be misleading, while body composition reflects the results of physical training and nutritional practices. Learn more...

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