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Miss Mollie Mae: New study shows cats prefer their own beat of music!

A study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that while cats ignore our music, they are highly responsive to “music” written especially for them. The sounds do not actually replicate cat sounds; the music was created with a pitch and tempo that appeal to cats.

The first step in making cat music is “to evaluate music in the context of the animal’s sensory system,” says Charles Snowdon, a psychology professor. Cats, for example, vocalize one octave higher than people, “So it’s vital to get the pitch right. Then we tried to create music that would have a tempo that was appealing to cats.” One sample was based on the tempo of purring, the other on the sucking sound made during nursing.

To test the songs, Snowdon and his team took a laptop and two speakers to the homes of 47 different cats and played four songs: two classical music tracks, and two “cat songs.”

The behavior of the cats was noted as either positive (purring, rubbing against speaker) or negative (hissing, arching of the back). The study found that a majority of the cats responded positively to their own specialized songs. The cats were significantly more positive toward cat music than classical music. They began the positive response after an average of 110 seconds, compared to 171 seconds for the human music.



Miss Mollie Mae: Can Canines Spot People Who Are Trying To Fool Them?

Dogs are certainly no dummies when it comes to understanding humans. We may give praise over our clever pooches when they correctly engage in that particularly tasking game of fetch, but dogs have got more going on in their little noggins than we give them credit for. For example, we now know that our canine companions can process human speech in a similar way to how we do, display jealousy, and even discriminate between some of our emotional expressions.

Now, it turns out that these surprisingly perceptive animals can quickly tell a fibber from a square shooter. And once they’ve decided how reliable someone is, they adjust their behavior accordingly.

A study published Oct. 24, 2014 in the journal Animal Cognition tested 34 pet dogs as they interacted with a human and a pair of containers (one containing a food treat, the other empty). Both were made to smell the same so that the dogs couldn’t cheat and just use their noses.

In round one, participants accurately pointed at the container that had food hidden inside before letting the dog go and choose which one to explore. In round two, the experimenter misled the dog and pointed at the empty container after revealing the contents of both of them. For the final round, the experimenter repeated what they did in round one.

What happened? The dogs were much less likely to consider the experimenter’s guidance in round three than in round one. That suggests that they can tell when we mess with them – and know not to be too trusting.

According to the researchers, these findings suggest that dogs are able to make inferences about a person’s reliability based on experience, and can use […]

Find Out What Miss Mollie Mae Has To Say About Why Dogs React To TV!


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Miss Mollie Mae says, “woof” and so should YOU!

In today’s busy, growing, and techy society, our simple friends (pet dogs) may not be getting all the attention they so very well deserve! Whether we are investing more time in our educations of careers, time is a commodity that seems to find itself scarce. A late night in the office or an all-nighter preparing for an exam could mean sacrificing time allocated to walking the dog, feeding the pooches, or really important pet cuddles. Finding someone to pet-sit can be hard to find last minute, and let’s be honest, your friends and neighbors are probably busy too. What if I said that you could find potential pet sitters with just a “woof?”

The solution is as simple as downloading an app. It’s free, easy to use, and requires a vocabulary of only 12 words. The app DoggyBnB can be downloaded on any smart phone for a reasonable price of zero dollars. On this app you create a simple profile including your name, your dog’s name, and the number of dog’s you have. The app marks your location on the map as it does with all other app-holders in the vicinity. The app is targeted to pet owners who are themselves inclined to provide assistance to other pet owners.  Some functions of the app include:

  • “woof” – posting a request for your dog to be walked, fed, or looked after
  • “fetch” – offering pet care to other pets in the area
  • “sniffer” – browsing through pets in the vicinity to setup doggy play dates (swipe left for no, swipe right for yes)

Call it the ultimate social media app for you and your dogs! However, because the app itself is fairly new, the network of pooches in your vicinity […]

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Miss Mollie Mae: Halloween Safety

5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween

  1. Dangerous Pet Costumes: If you choose to dress up your pet, clothe your dog or cat with a simple approach. Pets can become tangled in elaborate, tight-fitting costumes with strings, ties, belts, & sashes, which can lead to bodily injury!
  2. Halloween Decorations: If you enjoy decorating your home for Halloween, take into consideration what you are putting on display & where the decorations will be placed!
  3. Noise: Dogs & cats can become frightened & anxious on Halloween due to the recurrent ringing of the doorbell & the chatter outside the door. Moreover, the bombardment of strangers dressed in unfamiliar & scary costumes can alarm some pets.
  4. Sweet Treats: Candy and chocolate are never good for dogs or cats & there is an increased chance that your pet may consume treats meant for the trick-o-treaters! Chocolate is extremely toxic to pets & candies wrapped in plastic & other types of wrapping can lead to choking, upset stomach, or an obstruction.
  5. Lost Pets: Halloween isn’t an ideal time to let your dog or cat wander unattended. Be mindful that a prankster could be inspired to mess with your pet. 




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