Business 2 Business

With 20+ years in the wellness industry, AREUFIT has vast experience in delivering quality wellness programs and preventive health screenings to businesses of all sizes.



Let AREUFIT’s experience in the field of preventive health screenings and wellness programming compliment your list of services to your clients.


Valued Partners

AREUFIT believes in the value of building strong partnerships with both leaders in the community and local businesses.


For Individuals

AREUFIT Health Services, Inc. offers the most accurate form of body composition. The Bod Pod test reflects the results of a healthy & active lifestyle.


Core Competencies

Preventive Health Screenings

Preventive Health Screenings can help keep your employees happy and healthy, while also reducing your insurance costs.  Find out more on our Business 2 Business page and our Insurance/Brokers page.

Mobile Health Screening Vehicles

We work hand in hand with our Valued Partners to provide health screenings where ever we are needed. Check out our Mobile Screening Vehicles here.

Health Education

Knowing how to eat healthy and take care of yourself is the first step to staying healthy.  Find out more in the Individuals area.

Connect With Us

AREUFIT is very active on social media.  Follow us to stay up to date on your favorite recipes, the latest health trends and research and all our social interactions with our community!

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