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Our Health Services
Save Business Money
on Healthcare Every Year

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Through a collaborative effort with AREUFIT Health Services, Lundale Farm and West Chester University, we are conducting a research study to assess community attitudes, beliefs and perceptions on sustainable agriculture and food buying habits in Chester County.

All of your responses will remain anonymous unless at the end of the survey, you opt in to provide your contact information to participate in a short, virtual interview. Again, this is optional. In advance thank you for your participation in this research project.


Business 2 Business

With 20+ years in the wellness industry, AREUFIT has vast experience in delivering quality wellness programs and preventive health screenings to businesses of all sizes.


Let AREUFIT’s experience in the field of preventive health screenings and wellness programming compliment your list of services to your clients.

Valued Partners

AREUFIT believes in the value of building strong partnerships with both leaders in the community and local businesses.

For Individuals

AREUFIT Health Services, Inc. offers the most accurate form of body composition. The Bod Pod test reflects the results of a healthy & active lifestyle.

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Core Competencies

Preventive Health Screenings

Preventive Health Screenings can help keep your employees happy and healthy, while also reducing your insurance costs.  Find out more on our Business 2 Business page and our Insurance/Brokers page.

Health Coaching

AREUFIT strives to facilitate and motivate individuals to accomplish voluntary and long-term behavior change by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Find out more information or book your initial consult on the Health Coaching page.

Health Education

Knowing how to eat healthy and take care of yourself is the first step to staying healthy.
Find out more in the individuals page.

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AREUFIT is very active on social media.  Follow us to stay up to date on your favorite recipes, the latest health trends and research and all our social interactions with our community!

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