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Jeannine Stuart
Jeannine Stuart, PhD

Alysha Naples

Regan Wolski

Ralph Aurora

Meredith Cripps

Miss Winfrey, Chief of Security
and Master of Fun!

Wilbur, Director of Customer Relations

Mr. Mochi Motto, Director of Risk Management

Jeannine L. Stuart, PhD – President

Co-owner and co-founder of AREUFIT Health Services, Inc. completed her undergraduate degree at Ursinus College; with both Master’s & Doctoral work at Temple University. Dr. Stuart’s PhD is in Exercise Physiology.

Dr. Stuart was awarded the 2007 Small Business Development Center of PA Entrepreneurial Achievement Award. In addition to her work at AREUFIT, Dr. Stuart teaches at West Chester University and volunteers at Community Volunteers in Medicine.

Jeannine lives what she teaches. She is often seen training for marathons (completing 7 in all). She enjoys learning new things, meeting new people and supporting her two favorite teams…the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies (no hot dogs though). Jeannine believes in physical activity and keeps her Boxer dogs Miss Mollie Mae and Dempsey wagging their tails. Jeannine enjoys cooking and eating and has a commitment to brewing her own beers and is most famous for her fabulous homemade Limoncello.

Alysha Naples – Wellness Program Coordinator

Alysha Naples is the Wellness Program Coordinator for AREUFIT Health Services, Inc. Before joining AREUFIT in 2013, she worked for 18 years for a diverse range of organizations including large corporations, private sector clients, non-profits and government agencies.

Alysha is responsible for the delivery of comprehensive corporate health promotion programs and assists with the collection and analysis of detailed data to measure success of clients wellness programs, incentive management and wellness initiatives.

She completed her undergraduate degrees at Immaculata University; with Bachelors in Applied Science (BASc) in Health Care Management and a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Clinical Psychology. She is also a Certified Health Coach. Alysha is currently pursuing her certification in health education and Masters in Health Psychology.

Passionate about animal welfare and its possibilities, she provides volunteer services that help local animal shelters and animal care organizations. She is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle; plant based food benefits and believes food is medicine!

Regan Wolski – Health Education Manager

Regan Wolski, “The Malleable Employee.” While it may be odd to compare a person to a property of metal, Regan is just that; Malleable. Whether you need Regan to be a Health Educator, Certified Health Coach or member of the ECF Eye Mobile, she continues to shape herself to better serve the health of the community and help others achieve overall well-being. She received her BS in Sport and Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University and practices Taekwondo…look out!

Ralph Aurora – Health Educator

Ralph Aurora has been working professionally in the public health field since 2014. He attended Ursinus College for 4 years receiving a Bachelor in Science Degree, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Health from West Chester University. He played baseball collegiately at Ursinus for 4 years. He enjoys playing sports, such as baseball and golf, and is very passionate about exercise. He believes that exercise can promote physical, as well as mental health. Ralph resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Miss Winfrey, Chief of Security and Master of Fun

Miss Winfrey takes both of her roles very seriously. Access to our building requires a treat and a pat on the head.
Our girl had a rough start in the world before she found her forever home in 2012. She was found undernourished, very shy and with burns on her back. Miss Winfrey has overcome her shyness and greets all of our visitors with none other than the infamous Boxer exuberance!

Wilbur, Director of Customer Relations

Wilbur is our 3 year old Boxer boy who loves coming to work. He loves meeting new people and showing off for them. He loves treats, a little rough housing and belly rubs.
Wilbur is a Therapy dog in training, a student of Rally Obedience and the author of our Facebook postings “Wednesdays with Wilbur.” Way to go Wilbur!