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I have known Jeannine for almost 20 years, and I am proud to call her a dedicated volunteer, trusted adviser, dependable vendor and good friend. I met Jeannine when I began my position as Director of the Philadelphia Division of the American Heart Association. Jeannine always had creative ideas of how to tailor programs to meet the needs of our local communities and the various sub groups represented in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The services offered through AREUFIT are a great benefit to the Philadelphia community.

Mark Hartnett, Executive Director, Cardiovascular Institute of Philadelphia

This is no ordinary vendor. We have partnered with AREUFIT Health Services since 1997, contracting staff for both our Eagles Eye Mobile and our Eagles Book Mobile programs. Throughout the years, they have embraced our mobile services as if they were their own. AREUFIT’s staff is skilled, caring and precise. Their service and attention to detail is second to none. And they communicate openly, freely sharing ideas about how to improve our impact. When we redesigned a new Eagles Eye Mobile, AREUFIT was working behind the scenes as a project manager, organizing the painters, carpenters, carpet layers, etc. In short, we can trust that AREUFIT meets the highest standard of professionalism and excellence.

Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Executive Director, Eagles Youth Partnership

Using AREUFIT for the first time this year has been an awesome experience. We actually switched from another vendor to use their services and it has proven to be a move that’s worthwhile. The service was great from scheduling events to screening employees on-site. The employees raved about the service provided compared to vendors used in the past.

Quisha Lawson Health Services Supervisor, Northtec, LLC (cosmetic / perfume)

AREUFIT provided Cholesterol, Glucose and Blood Pressure screenings for our employees. AREUFIT was accomodating. I was able to schedule a time, date and services that worked well with our site needs. Some feedback directly from our employees were, “AREUFIT staff was friendly and helpful” and “Happy to have this event on-campus”.

Alicia Miller, Health Information Data Analyst, University of the Sciences

AREUFIT was so professional and organized. They assisted us in planning our first health fair and it was very successful thanks to AREUFIT’s guidance. Our employees were treated professionally and respectfully. They were very appreciative to have such a dedicated team of professionals taking care of them.

Diane Fountain Associate Manager, Human Resources, Yellowbook

Exceeded our expectations. When our company decided to incorporate the services of AREUFIT for on Onsite Health Assessment, we didn't think it would had the response it did. We knew this will help our employees understand our commitment to our wellness program but we didn't expect the response of the interest in the education portion. It’s a great feeling to understand the results so that we can be in better control.

AREUFIT staff were all professional, educated and skilled. From the nurses to the massage therapist. Definitely puts everyone on check on their own wellness. Then we had the icing on the cake by having our lunch and learn with a top professional in the field on resiliency and stress management. We are so satisfied with their services that we are already thinking of ways to piggyback from that event into other areas of wellness, preparedness and safety.

Brenda Quintana, SIG

The Laborers’ District Council is proud to have worked with Jeannine Stuart and her AREUFIT team for 10 years and counting. To say the least the relationships between the nurses and our members has developed into a very special trustworthy exchange. On a couple of occasions we’ve observed the AREUFIT nurses refer to our members by name. Which allows the members to feel relax in an environment that could appear stuffy and conventional. That’s the pleasure in working with a team that is prompt, organized and resourceful in everything that they offer.

AREUFIT also has a great outsourcing lineup of certified professionals that are informative and friendly. Our experience with their Nutritionist Yvonne from “cooking4real” was one that went over very well. Not only was she welcoming and sociable, but her hands smoothie demonstration was educational and illustrative from start to finish.

We are thankful and appreciative to the AREUFIT team for always putting their best foot forward.

Keep up the good work!

Antoinette Banks-Staten Health Awareness Educator, Laborers District Council

The definition of dedication is to be devoted wholly and earnestly to a specific purpose. I can tell you first hand that AREUFIT Health Services is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives.

This recent Fall, the City of Philadelphia kicked off its long awaited wellness program. The program required City employees to receive on-site biometric health screenings in order to receive a financial incentive for the following year. The participation goal for the first year of the wellness program was 25% - 35%. Much to our delight, the end result was over 65% participation. I can honestly say that there would have been no way in the world we could have achieved this level of participation and success without the stellar work of AREUFIT.

Aside from doing their job of performing health screenings, Jeannine Stuart and her exceptional team handled every aspect of this herculean task flawlessly. They arrived at each location early and were unbelievably organized. They stayed late when they were needed. They maneuvered and shifted staffing levels at the drop of dime to accommodate our large volume of employees. In addition, the AREUFIT team was professional, friendly, polite, courteous and most importantly, extremely informative. They did everything right!

Given the fact that this was the City’s first year embarking on such a large initiative, the City had some growing pains in the early days of the program, but AREUFIT made us feel as though we were in this effort together – as a team. We overcame our early challenges in large part due to ARUFIT’s hands-on approach and willingness to help.

I cannot forget to mention the primary reason that I am even writing this letter, and this is because of AREUFIT’s underlying goal to help us keep our employees in good health. AREUFIT was instrumental in detecting many early warning signs and potential risk factors in our employees that have undoubtedly changed the lives of many individuals. Now that the City’s wellness program has gained momentum and has captured the attention of our employees, I would be remiss to say that this is largely due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of AREUFIT in helping the City have such a successful kick-off campaign.

Sincere thanks to the AREUFIT team!

In good health,

James R. Startare, Deputy HR Director, City of Philadelphia