Let AREUFIT’s experience in the field of preventive health screenings and wellness programming compliment your list of services to your clients. AREUFIT has long term relationships with brokerage firms and health carriers in the Philadelphia region.

A partnership with AREUFIT allows you to expand the array of wellness programs available to your clients, with a flexible, individualized approach to meet your clients’ needs, and a comprehensive array of screening options. The process is simple, effective and affordable.

We work closely with you to define your program objectives and address every step from consultation to intervention.  AREUFIT can assist you in the inception of a new wellness program. Additionally, we can integrate our services with any of your existing wellness programs. Our data collection and aggregate reporting capabilities will provide you with the information necessary to measure the effectiveness of your health promotion initiatives and demonstrate a positive ROI.

Partnering with AREUFIT will deliver a complete wellness solution to meet your specific business objectives.

We are proud of our AREUFIT Team and the excellent service we provide.