As a health and wellness professional working at various businesses in the Philadelphia area, Areufit has been my health screening and wellness vendor of choice for the past 10 years. Jeannine and her staff consistently deliver at the highest level, no matter how technical and involved the job. I have partnered with Areufit on more than a hundred separate events and never have to worry about their performance or professionalism. Their health educators and technicians that work our screening events arrive early, are set up on time, cheerful, professional knowledgeable, and always willing to be flexible at a moment’s notice. As event details often change at the last minute, flexibility and a willingness to adapt are key attributes – and Areufit delivers every time. Also, we consistently receive very positive feedback from our employees/those who are utilizing their services as customers. I would recommend Jeannine and Areufit to anyone – and I do!

Suzanne Smith, MS, CHES Wellness Coordinator, Armstrong, Doyle, and Carroll, Inc