I've been visiting AREUFIT on a recurring basis for over three years now. I’m a 14 year cancer survivor, and over the years I've come to recognize that surviving my battle with Leukemia may have truly been only half the battle. Although my cancer is long gone, I've struggled to maintain a healthy body composition. I've consistently attempted to make healthy decisions with diet/exercise, but I wasn't able to accurately determine if all the hard work equaled results…until I discovered AREUFIT’s BodPod service! In addition to providing accurate body composition metrics via BodPod, the staff at AREUFIT goes above and beyond to provide strategies for improvement based on those metrics. AREUFIT is a great value to the greater Philadelphia community and I intend to be a recurring client for many more years to come!

George, BodPod Client

Thank you so much for your BodPod services and support over the last couple years. I began using the BodPod in April 2012. I continued to go twice a year to keep a check on what was going on with my body composition. During this time, I also began going through menopause and was slacking off on my workouts and nutrition plan. I went from 27.7% fat to 34.7% fat between April 2012 and March 2013. I was shocked. I decided then to take more of an active role in losing fat and getting my body composition back into the normal range. Along with the BodPod, I also got my metabolism measured. Using those results along with a discussion of my goals, your staff helped guide me on a plan to lose the extra fat. I went from 34.7% fat in March 2013 to 24.6% fat in November 2013. I lost 23.8lbs of fat and gained 4.4 lbs of muscle!! I cannot express how excited I was! I will be 45 this summer and never would have believed I could achieve such results. I have maintained since then and plan to lose even more fat this year. I would not have been able to do it without all the wonderful people at AREUFIT! You are all so knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you again!

Heather, BodPod Client