AREUFIT’s HLC is a series of one-on-one sessions with one of AREUFIT’s health professionals to assist individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals. It consists of an initial consult and three subsequent follow-up visits. However, the HLC can be tailored to any individual or company large and small, based on their specialized needs. Our HLC program is based on the fundamental health promotion principle of empowerment. AREUFIT strives to facilitate and motivate individuals to accomplish voluntary and long-term behavior change by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. In addition, individuals will be matched with an AREUFIT Healthy Lifestyle Coach that will match the counselor’s expertise with the individual’s goals.

The 45 minute initial consult consists of the coach and client reviewing the individual’s biometrics and health risks, goal setting, identifying barriers, and developing a plan of action to overcome those obstacles.The goal of HLC is to assist the client in addressing, assessing and striving for progress during three 30 minute monthly sessions to help achieve overall well-being in all areas of life.


AREUFIT Health Coaches have been certified by some of the leading programs for Health Coaching, such as ACE and Wellcoaches. Each coach brings a different energy and focus to their sessions and they will be matched appropriately to the needs of the client. Our Health Coaches continue to expand their repertoire through continuing education courses that allow them to explore areas like nutrition and exercise more in depth to better fit the clients.