How to choose the best sunscreen

With so many different sunscreen products on the market, how do you know that you’re choosing the best one? There are many factors to think about before picking your SPF.

Active ingredients

First, you want to check out the active ingredients. Look for formulas that contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mexoryl SX and/or avobenzone. Avoid any sunscreens with vitamin A, commonly reffered to as retinyl palmitate, and oxybenzone as these ingredients can have negative side effects on your health.

Broad Spectrum SPF

Second, you want to choose a sunscreen that has broad spectrum coverage and SPF 30 to 50 to protect your skin from both sun burn and sun damage. Products with SPF over 50 don’t actually give you any extra protection – just the idea that you might be able to stay in the sun longer, which is not the case!


Finally, make sure you are picking a sunscreen lotion that is water-resistant so it stays on through sweat and swimming! Let us know what your favorite sunscreen is in the comments!

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