Miss Mollie Mae asks Do You Have a Pet Disaster Plan?

//Miss Mollie Mae asks Do You Have a Pet Disaster Plan?

Miss Mollie Mae asks Do You Have a Pet Disaster Plan?

Do You Have a Pet Disaster Plan?

Disaster Plan

Have you ever thought about what you will do with your pet IF disaster strikes? If not, read through to get some helpful ideas.

1. Always make sure your pet has ID that is up-to-date. If in the chance that you and your furry friend are separated you have a better chance of being reunited if there is some kind of identification. Collar tags with phone numbers and microchips registered in your name are the easiest way to avoid losing a pet.

2. Get a disaster kit ready. This can include: food and water for at least 5-7 days, with bowls and water jugs. Medications. Cat litter box with litter and scoop. Sturdy leashes and harnesses. Current photos of your pets and descriptions of your pets in case you need to prove identity to be reunited. Written information regarding your pet’s feeding schedules, medical conditions and behavior considerations.

3. Find a place to stay ahead of time. Not all emergency shelters are going to allow pets. Call your local emergency management to see if where you will go and take your animals. Get information from local hotels to see if they have restrictions on size of animals in the event you would have to stay.

4. After the disaster: Don’t allow your pets to roam free, while you assess damage keep dogs on leashes or carriers, be patient with your pets, check your yard for wild animals.

5. And lastly, be ready for everyday emergencies!

There may be days that it can become hard or dangerous to get home to take care of your pets. Think ahead and make sure there are arrangements. Talk to trusted neighbors or family members to have access to the house in case of emergencies.

These simple tips can help save your fur babies from a disaster. Make a plan, prepare and be an educated pet parent!

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