Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Do you ever notice that your dog or puppy can’t settle down, destroys things, chases their tail, barks at everything, digs holes, sleeps a lot, or whines uncontrollably? Sounds like every dog right? These are actually all signs that your dog needs more mental stimulation! Here are a few things to consider when you cannot seem to get a handle of the biting or barking.

If your dog is persistently whining, wait until they are quiet and give them an activity to curb their boredom.

Too much sleep can be unhealthy, wake your dog up to play and to get exercise when they seem to be sleeping too much.

If you notice that your dog has picked up digging in the backyard or digging into the carpet, give them something to do that uses their brain. Borrow toys in a sandbox or designated area for them so that they have to work to find things.

Barking uncontrollable is just a sign they are looking for trouble. Give them a job to do, like fetch or sniffing things out in the house.

Trick training can be an important way to stimulate the desire of doing tricks like chasing a tail.

Does your dog destroy things? Try a puzzle feeder, this will stimulate your dog and will give them an opportunity to take their toy curiosity to their own toys. Avoid toys that are similar to your own possessions (fake shoes or socks).