The summer is a perfect time to have a picnic with friends and family. It brings loved ones together for an afternoon of fun! Here are the benefits of having regular picnics:

Push to get more food establishments to be dog friendly begins with a doggy-themed event at the upcoming Adelaide Food and Wine Festival which launches its program on Tues March 11. Dogs are, Black dog “Banksy”, blue tie, “Mako” and “Roger” with the cravat.
Picture : Brad Fleet

  1. Being outside and breathing in fresh air help you feel energized
  2. It keeps you active! Bring some games to play or explore the area around you
  3. It is great for bonding with family and friends
  4. It gets your dog out of the house
  5. Packing your own lunch and snacks saves you money!
  6. Being outside with loved ones relives stress

Next time you want to go out for lunch, try switching it up and have a picnic!